We need a mural from Mary.

by theobviouslife

Read aloud.

There is enough wine in this empty bottle
Peter said to Wendy

Slow low side atmosphere in backgrounds calming
playing static to the floors below
we will raise lowered voices
sailing through dark black watercolor waves in wind storms
canvas sails, painted destinations
nobody will make it
no one could survive this
have you seen it lately, i mean, come on
give them coffee, melted cheese on eggs, maple syrup songs
broken strings and unsettling policies
of quiet rooms in the fourth dimension
I don’t need to wake up, she said
I like it down here
down in the hole
do you understand the breeze beneath our sand we swallow?
you walk in dreams

We need a mural from Mary
she is coming sundy to luk at the wolls
i got tired of blank maroon
i got tired with the moon
drunk with the moon

we are stars

survive the HOLY

but the anarchists are lost in their paradox
political parties have been dead since grassy knolls
the president surrendered a long time ago
mothers and fathers drink their foam and sleep for all tomorrow’s mornings
and the punks are lawyers, suits and dry gin
the beatniks dress for their label, they suck on the bottle
the rich with bottomless pockets of nothing needed
the poor, saints, preaching truth of soon to come kings
on missions from their goofy godheads
with love in mind
with love in hands
with love
labels dead
labels are dead

you are
not a conformist
you are

music is
is is is is is

and now there is only you

Good Luck.